Diligent yet indolent

I feel that this is rather like what I called the Art of Doing Nothing
Because it involves no will power;because while it may lead to
productive work in writing or the arts yet cannot be effortful [ that’s how our Imagination works]
We are communicating with the depths of our soul & also of Nature
Even in the Sciences I feel it plays a part.Andrew Wiles found t the solutionto a very hard maths problem when he left his desk and went down a country lane
Of course Wiles needed to spend years learning mathematics before this otherwisehe could not had the tools to use to take advantage of his inspiration
We spent much time at school learning maths>Unfortunately few of us reach the creative level
We are learning “things that come in useful later on”
Alas for most, “later on” is still in the far distance.
Might it be better to fill children’s minds with common sense
curiousity,joy in Nature and in company?
As long as one has the basic skills, the rest should be an awakening of the mind and heart
In present day culture this sounds outlandish.
But what is life without it?

Photo by Francesco De tommaso on Pexels.com

Diligent indolence

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Extract  from  a Keats’ letter

When Man has arrived at a certain ripeness in intellect any one grand and spiritual passage serves him as a starting-post towards all ‘the two-and-thirty Palaces.’ How happy is such a voyage of concentration, what delicious diligent Indolence! …Nor will this sparing touch of noble Books be any irreverence to their Writers – for perhaps the honors paid by Man to Man are trifles in comparison to the Benefit done by great works to the ‘spirit and pulse of good’ by their mere passive existence. Memory should not be called Knowledge – Many have original minds who do not think it – they are led away by Custom. Now it appears to me that almost any Man may like the spider spin from his own inwards his own airy Citadel – the points of leaves and twigs on thich the spider begins her work are few, and she fills the air with a beautiful ciruitin