Be positive

Hand upturned by Katherine

I am worried that I might go blind.One eye is.Will the other last?
Thinking positively,I may get run over and die while I can still see so that’s good
I might have a major heart attack at any moment.It won’t matter then
I might get cancer in a worse place.Then it will be a race between that and the eye
I’d better get married asap so I can
enjoy some company while I can still see their face
On the other hand, perhaps better not see a face full of anxiety and wrinkles
Re my eye: it looks lovely.I think so.
There are degrees of blindness.
Do you know some people go blind on purpose just to get
the disability £70 a week.
Some people do anything for money & I don’t mean sex
They will break their legs, arms, fall under buses and trains
They will stab themselves while carving meat
Sylvia Plath wrote a poem about cutting the top off her thumb
She got no benefits as she gassed herself too soon to apply
However her heirs got a lot of money from her poetry
People seem surprised when someone kills themself
In this cruel world, I am more surprised that most people don’t

Some people won’t eat.They get thinner and thinner.Why, some people get cancer just to lose weight
That shows the horror of being fat
Anxious people can’t eat.We should let them have a bottle.Free!
When your husband dies, all the houses seem to lean over as if all the world is going to collapse
The sky is held up by pillars which can bend or break.
The sky itself might fall down.And the stars will gleam in your hair as you lie down in the grass
Security is not constant.
Why do some people help the oppressed while the people doing the oppressing don’t care
They might enjoy it.
I think the Nazis did.

Watched by men who look without a face

KatherineethicspoetryreflectionsThinkings and poems  December 13, 2019 1 Minute

Boris Johnson  thrown out by his wife
Now he has a different tole in life
He has a  girlfriend will he have more kids?
Lucian Freud was  surely up for this
They say he might have had perhaps  thirty   two
With all that sperm what is a man to do?
He could take Precautions as they say
I  prefer icecream  but let’s go  stray
Lucian Freud  was not a man to  rule
They say he once burned down his own Art School
He married once, he married twice but no
He would not be captured  in Soho
Beautiful and strange he made his mark
Boris Johnson   has a  nuclear heart
Winter will come down upon us all
Europe we are sad, almost appalled
Sadness for the surgeon who cured me
The cancer  grew  like rampant lush ivy
He is Greek and no-one else was skilled
To leave me looking   better  than God willed
Will he  go back   to where  his grandad  came?
Say a little prayer for my dear face
I don’t want  to suffer but  all will
We’ll die sooner,  sadly Boris kills
The NHS is  going slowly  to its grave
Watched by men who  look  without a face

Proverb of the day….

“The curse of man, and the cause of nearly all his woe, is his stupendous capacity for believing the incredible.” ― H. L. Mencken

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As in “Brexit will make Britain great again
And Boris Johnson is like Churchill.

Well the latter liked a siesta
Johnson likes women but will he have the energy?