Someone round the corner broke her leg.She was washing her foot in the sink
Why not put some washing up liquid on your foot then put it in the toilet and flush?
It won’t suck your whole body down… so they tell me

If you get up in the night,make sure you are going the right way.
I was trying to get into the wardrobe at 3 am .Maybe we need enlightening?

If you are fatter but your feet look thinner, you may be losing muscle mass
Try walking about.

I am glad the window frames are badly fitting.I don’t need to open the window

All these years telling us to insulate our homes and nobody realised it would mean the air was stale
Why is bread stale?
Stale is a weird word.
Air in means Virus out

Dominic Cummings is going to be beheaded at the Tower soon….Carrie!

I wish I didn’t have to eat or walk about.I’d like to fly and live on insects
I am a latent bird