Courtesy is everlasting

since i lost you i have lost
the keys to my heart
the front door key
my phone
and my money

now all i have is a large tube of ibuprofen gel max strength
and some feathers from the tail of a baby wood pigeon
that flew into our house when i left the back door open

maybe i need better boundaries
closed doors
and windows

the wood pigeon was so strong its agitation rocked the front door like a thundergod
like you,it did not realise
there are easier ways to leave
than smashing through glass
leaving shards to pierce my heart
not to mention my feet

become a better leaver
have mercy on those other lovers
for charm wears thin but courtesy is everlasting
like love itself

Where’s the boundary?

Why don’t you want to go Hadrian’s Wall built as it was by the Romans
I’ve got boundary value problems
Do you mean borderline personality orders?
Is a boundary a borderline?
Just a minute,I need a tranquillieser
Is it a Paradox?
No it’s a Diazepam
Was that a Celtic Tribe?
Stop or I’ll need another tablet
You already have 3 Androids

What with them and the Celts I am getting nervous
I have an iPad
Showing off!
I try to hide it
In my vegetable basket
Are they clean?
Yes, if I buy them in a Supermarket
I grow my own.
Your own what?

They look like potatoes to