A Faux Happy New Year

Do you like my new coat,Annie asked Mary?
Ye Gods, where have you got that from?
I got in online in a salea
The shoulders are too wide for you so the sleeves cover your hands completely
Well, it did say “relaxed fit” and ” dropped shoulders” and I won’t need gloves
You look terrible in it.It’s like an oversized tweed balloon and it’s very long
I don’t mind long
You look as if you are pregnant with triplets

Well, since I murdered my husband I’ve had no man in my bed.
How about in the shed?<
Mind your own business.I am not with child
I was just saying how you look that’s all
Just saying!Where is your coat from?
Marks and Spencers
Does it have a touch of wool?
No, it said:with wool
And was it?
Yes, there was a ball of wool in the pocket
Are you sure it’s not “faux wool” ?
Where’s that from?
Faux sheep.
What are they?
Dogs with acrylic coats
Do they alter their genes?
No, just their faux jeans
What are faux jeans?

The opposite of real jeans
And how can we tell the difference?
You need Faith like when you believe a piece of bread is turned into God.
I agree with that
So why don’t you go to church?
There’s only a faux Church here
So it looks like a Church but it is not?
Yes, they believe in Quaternity
Four persons in one God?
Or four gods in one person

Or are they demons?
Yes, they crossed the Channel in a bath
Did the police find them?
Not as far as I glow.

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