The Nightmare Complex


To write a poem I dreamed an undreamed dream
The woods in France deformed by dead young men
A nightmare complex in its perplexed themes

In our dream the narrative has means
To make those killed communicate again
To write a poem I dream an undreamed dream

Later, in another war, trains steam
To take the “insect” Jew, no longer “man.”
A nightmare simple in its evil themes

The little pearls we half see, as we scheme
The evasions we ignored but which remained.
We read a poem, we dream an undreamed dream

Who we are and who we might have been
At 4 am in isolated pain
The Nightmare Complex, come to share your screams

Can any see the world as poets aimed
To recreate the moment where we change?
To write a poem embodies sufferers’ dreams
Nightmares dark and piercing,mobs that maim

Any postmodern poems accepted here in comments

107,279 Jesus Cross Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime
107,279 Jesus Cross Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime
107,279 Jesus Cross Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

Who am i
The one who writes?
The confluence of streams
Of DNA and lies
Breed evil in many hearts
Bust into the Capitol
Shots were fired
Let’s keep streaming
Out to sea.
I may not exist
But I have a view
I don’t like these actions
Nor mobs who would kill
The world in turmoil watches
Democracy is clear
Hitler didn’t have TV cameras
It must matter.
But see Jesus
No exemptions
The weak
Get it

Be on the wind

Flip the switch and turn malign
The devil has your new designs
In the mountains make your kill
You have got the nerve and will

When you’re done, don’t bother me
Yours the face I shall not see
You who alternate and swing
Like a bird, be on the wind

You could explain, you pity lack
Evoking memories too black
I forgave you three times ten
I won’t forgive your hurts again

You are not the only man
Who thinks the world for him is run

The dam burst

Yout letter seems to overflow with rage
The reservoir of hatred has emerged
The loving kindness vanished without trace

I cannot see the mirror of your face
You used me to contain your anger’s surge
Yout letter, wanton, overflows with rage

Why did you enact your Play in haste?
Why treat me so coldly , why me hurt?
Your act of love has vanished without trace

Do not tell me I was not your taste
You fantasised an image I dispute
Yout letter ,sadly, overflows with rage

I hate to see my love was to you waste
Free speech applies to both, you can’t refute
How could good, true love leave not a trace?

After this, I in my world was mute
I could not speak,my heart and soul pursued
Yout letter uses words to channel rage
You wished to see me naked,this the stage

Postmodern poetry with a poem in the comments

Katherine  March 22, 2018 

By Katherine

Postmodern Poetry

“Superior Lake” by Lorine Niedecker as an Example

  • Conte, Joseph M. Unending Design: the Form of Postmodern Poetry. Introduction.
  • McCorkle, James. ¡§The Inscription of Postmodernism in Poetry.¡¨
General concepts about serial & procedural formsSerial formProcedural form“Lake Superior”

Taiwanese Postmodern Poetry (an Outline in Chinese)Louise Chen, 11/26/1998

Postmodern poetics respond to the condition of the world. In an age of instant telecommunications and metropolitan life, the postmodern serial and procedural forms attempt to accommodate the overwhelming diversity of messages and the lapse of a grand order that is replaced by an arbitrary personal order.

I. Language

A.  In postmodern poetics, there is a paradigmatic shift from the idea that language is
transparent to the disclosure of its physicality, its intimacy, its obdurate persistence, and its
paradoxical fragility. (M 43)

B. Reader¡Xpoem:

The reader’s position is contingent upon the poem and the poem¡¦s existence hinges upon
the reader and the varieties of knowledge the reader brings to the poem¡KThe adequation of
thing and sign has lapsed with the realization of the arbitrary condition of language. (M 43)

II. Self

A. Contemporary poetry:

1. Contemporary poetry positions its perspectives from a persona (who is often autobiographic) within a defined narrative structure.
2. Contemporary poetry avoids self-criticism and establishes itself as a singled unified voice. (M 48)

B. Postmodern poetry:

1. Postmodernist poetics suggests an ongoing reinterpretation of the self in the context of others. It specifically investigates the ethical-or self-critical capacity of language and its relationship to identity. (M 46)2. The critique of the privileged and entitled ¡§I¡¨ is central to postmodern poetics. While not a wholesale endorsement of many theoretic claims to he death of the author or the abandonment of intention, postmodern poetry nonetheless insists on a re-visioning of the authorial voice and its reception. (M 46)