To develop bad taste or at least to tolerate it
To stop telling children Micky Mouse is twee.
To comb my hair more than twice a week
To stop thinking men are like women before disaster comes down
To decide where to keep the Radio Times
To stop drinking Twinings Breaakfast Tea in the afternoon
To make the bed before 11.30 pm
To decide what things one does not need beginning with smart watches,matching cutlery and
washing one’s clothes very frequently [ what is tha
To laugh at pain

From 2013

Katherins  December 2, 2013 

  • Bands of rhyme will be crossing the UK tomorrow.. streams of poetry will bring rain in the eyes.
    Season’s Tweetings to Sinners if all repent
    Shadow of silence are folding over like an envelope.
    The spice of wife..pepper.
    Hop around the roses
    It’s best to saunter nowadays.
    When inside out, a cat can still scratch.. with its reversible catclaws.Try one tonight.Just unzip the cat and it will spring into the heir…to the throne or is it the air all round
    Until the end of all rhymes I’ll be loving you
    Time feels all wounds…and fills holes
    Maps of the iceberg have melted..
    Two hearts that beat as none ever did.
    I wait for the lime to be ripe then it will be a lemon.
    If you have a man,wash him weekly in a tin bath…don’t blame me if you get drawn in…..mate in the bath … saves washing the sheets.

Lead us not into devastation

Our Unknown,dwelling in Heaven,

Helloed and helloed be Thy Name.

In Kingdom come, may Your Will be done

As it was not at 9/11

Give us this day,no more Dread.

Forgive us our Christmases,

As we forgive those who Christmas with us.

And lead us not into Devastation

But deliver us great acceptance and kindness

For Thine is the Wisdom,the Love and the Spirit,

As ever was, and shall be.Amen