When music ends and silence overwhelms

As music went and silence overwhelmed
As in deep despair, I thought to end
When nothing seemed to help me on on my way
Perhaps I’d lost the track and so must pay

Empty now of thought and of desire
The vision of the darkness without fire
The utter loss of any help at all
From the depths, my heart cried out appalled

Expecting nothing, hoping even less
A fire of gold appeared to hold,caress
And tears rained down my face from eyes amazed
While in my flesh I felt caressed and saved

I bowed my head in assent to this good
The crucified, the lost, have understood

The immigrant we missed

A greater Britain cannot now exist
Boris is the immigrant we missed
Why not invite all his family?
Turkey is not the safest place to be

Europe is our enemy again
We have no Empire,God save our young men
If we wound or harrass France or Greece
Germany will follow where they lead

Britons have few manners and no sense
We are all too angry and too tense
The poor are full of shame, the rich are dense
Tax the rich & lower the Council’s rents

Boris are you here or have you gone?
Your Dad is French, this fiddling is foregone