Strange things I’ve done over the years

Lincoln - Battlements of Lincoln cathedral - The Green Guide Michelin


I fell to the ground when I saw  through a hotel window,Lincoln Cathedral floodlit at Easter rime
And also when I saw a Picasso drawing.
Put elastoplast on a broken tooth [ no use]
Cut my sister’s hair so short, it looked like she had nits.I was trying to get both sides even and we didn’t go to  a hairdresser
Went to the public library twice a day [ as a child]
Stopped correcting a colleague’s lack of  absolute  precision in his maths lectures in fronr of the students
Wore a skirt I bought for 6d [2.5  pence in modern money] to go out for dinner.
I got it in a jumble sale
Lacking knowledge of how to dress wore dresses miles to big for me to go out with my boyfriends on the principle, if you can get into it, then it’s ok.I had no idea of sizing etc as
my mother made our clothes.I was so thin that almost everything was too big
including a horrible grey men’s duffelcoat [very warm]
Went to church daily to tell God I hated him.No answer!Gave up
Climbed up a cliff like structure near Ilkley and could not get down.A kind man helped me
Asked my mother if I could go to University when I was five ….

5 thoughts on “Strange things I’ve done over the years

    1. I could read when I was 3.I talked before I waso one.Then went to school and was disappointed!I can’t reemember the subjects that interested me,Not arithmetic.Probably reading novels and history.Thanks for your comment,Betul

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