I lost a leg,I lost a hand I lost my heart and soul.

On England’s hills and dales ,we roamed
Up   tall mountains  climbed
Now the Lord  took you home.
I wish it were my  time

Will I never see your smile
On  pale and sandy shores.?
How you loved and for a while
You unlocked my door.

Then your heart was worn away
When you saw my scars.
But they say one coming day
There’ll be no more wars.

Even in our human form
Alien life can grow.
Of two lovers, one’s forlorn,
And it shall be so.

I would not wish to go the first,
Leave you pale and thin.
Of two choices one is worse.
The Lord wants you within.

So sail away ,my lover dear
Sail into the deep
I took you  to  the river near.
So, alone I weep.

I send  you all my memories
I send you all my thoughts
And I know, whatever is,
You were  whom I sought.

You caught me up,you put me down
I don’t know where I be.
But I will smile and I will frown
I don’t know if I’m me.

Losing,losing,losing  you,
Losing  our  dear life.
Losing,losing,losing you
Am I still your wife?

I’m not me as you’re not here
Who have I become?
But I’ll live, despite my fears.
My life is not  yet done.

I lost a leg,I lost a hand
I lost my heart and soul.
Pray for me my lover
And I may  be  more whole.

Look at me,from where you be.
Look at me again.
When you look,whom do you see?
I still have my pen


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Please buy  a bicycle and sell your car

Please do not steal this Road Sign.

This Sign was  made by mistake.We may use it eventually

The next Sign  tells you where the toilets are.It’s about 50 miles down the road

 Danger.Floods.Please don’t pass water on this road.

Do not take a selfie with this sign.It may create a paradox

If you want  fish and chips, do NOT ring 999.

If you are psychic, are there traffic jams ahead?

Writing is an abstract  form of speech

I am no longer me, a treasured wife
I  drop abandoned,like a dirty sheet
I  crawl up this  sheer mountain, it’s my life

I curse the name of God in my pained strife
All my home’s in chaos, none to greet
I am no longer me, a treasured wife

I  become  so still, I’m mesmerised
A soft grey creature from damp Irish peat
I   can’t crawl up this mountain,  where’s my life?

Loch Ness has its depth, the monsters thrive
Do not let me be their  food, their meat
I am no longer me  a treasured wife

A solution, what can be contrived
Every piece of anarchy will greet
Where is my former self when love has died?

Writing is an abstract  form of speech
One can  learn, though my mind has itd ditch
I am no longer a much treasured wife
I  crawl up this  mountain , this is life