OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFifty years since I became your bride
My old age unthinkable back then
No longer are you  happy by my side


Now I feel like drift wood on the tide
Going where I do not know or when
Fifty years since I became your bride

How to be alone, and how decide?
Grateful  am I to the words I pen
No longer are you smiling by my side

With no map or path, I roamed  plains wide
Wandered like a lunatic with pain
Fifty years since I became your bride

At least I am alive and  here reside
Wandering is no life for  those disdained
No longer are you  sitting by my side

I think of history and the years you spanned
The worst World War, your mother, life began
Fifty years since I became your bride
No longer are you  here;oh,love , you  died.

Fiery air

Autumn time in Essex  where we drove
When farmers burned the stubble of the corn
The earth itself was  fiery  like young love
The smokey air rose like a  cloud  new born

The Kentish  landlocked   cliffs  are  wide and steep
The farmers grow  their grain on land beneath
And there too we  have seen the holy fire
The flames  and smoke arrest me with desire

The earth and soil, the  harvest  we find there
Give me joy  both full of wheat or bare
Why did burning stubble   make me glow?
These images affect the heart’s deep core

Now  fires are banned., they damage our pure air
And I   did not like the murder of the hare