No Summer Dresses

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Women can’t wear frocks and aprons now
We have to look like men  but well endowed
No man would wear a cardigan so long
Behind his wardrobe it would  soon be flung

Shorts are hot in summer, I shall sigh
Why do women have to have a fly?
If you  need to pee  while in a wood
A skirt  provides some cover  for the flood

I’d like a dress like mother used to wear.
As we walked to Grandad’s, she had flair
She knitted  lacy jumpers for  the heat
Even knitted  wool socks for my  feet

We  look like alien creatures  from elsewhere
I’m going to wear my sundress, I don’t care.

Miss Quotes

img_20191201_185820489-effects“What is true love which alters when it perspiration finds?”

” It is no love which falters when it desperation finds!

“Is it true love when  altars plague your mind?”

“Neither a  coroner nor any  gender be”

 “The  best of true love never did  mend louvres.” …

 “If music hurts the mood of love, play none.” …

“Neither a follower nor a leader be”

“I am one who loved  decidedly  yet well.’”

Who are you that I should pay for you?

“Who are you that I should prey  on you?”

“In  this tomb I sadly lie,see you soon, till then goodbye”