Signs by the roads of the North

1  Do not stop your car to read this sign.Thank you
2. If you can’t read this sign get your eyes tested~unless you are illiterate
3 This sign is not here till further notice
4.This sign is here but don’t look at it
5  Harald Bluetooth, please call the police.
6.This sign is due to be painted so please take a photograph  of it for future use.
7.This sign  is paid for by the   local hospital to let you know
they have no A & E now.Please drive carefully.
8.Hollow road ahead liable to  flooding
9. This water is dangerous.Please don’t drink it
10 This sign is the last one before Hardknott Pass.Look at the road.Do not panic.Very few cars  have fallen off since Xmas

Harald Bluetooth….Danes ahead

 Oh,longhead Viking, who were my forebears
Eric Bloodaxe,Harald  Bluetooth,Cnut?
Their lady wives as vicious as the men
Who  will  love me true or give the boot?

I blame you not for fearing my hot breath
Yet I am  ancient Roman,British,Welsh
A thousand years have passed, but I am here
With Danish eyes and hair, but bones of Celt

Hence my  double joints and  glaring eye
My golden hair  in trouble with its plaits
My legs are bowed,my feet can terrify
Why not send me  home to   feed the cat

Britain   has succumbed to Viking   blood
We’ve’conquered you again, oh men of wood



The handmade dog

After all the wars,love still endures
Grace comes through the cracks, grace is the cure
Babies born in tents  on wet cold ground
Eerie  through the trees comes labour’s sound

But grace, like rain, needs openness and care
How can these refugees  bear children  here?
We enclose ourselves  in  fictive webs
Netflix,Prime , the BBC, the bed

We do not want to see the sky and stars
Downing gin and cocaine in the bar
We have  plastic lawns and paper flowers
From the   handmade dog to City Towers

There is a door but who can spot it now?
No poverty,no chastity no now

The promised land

Joy sings now in golden light

Though after day comes black of night.

The moon is rising by gray trees

This world is where I want to be.

I want the day, I want the night

I want the day. I want the light.

I want to see and to be seen,

I want to  float into my dreams.

The sun has set , gray clouds turn black,

The day just gone will not come back.

I’ll rest in quiet reverie

Until the Reapers’s scythe takes me.

And then I drop and mix with dust,

As worms and beetles sate their lust.

I fall into ten thousand motes

In  sweet light ,dance music’s notes.

No more more ambition,

No more fighting,nor competition.

Every particle’s the same,

Without even a personal name.

And side by side,we all are one.

The lusts of life have been and gone.

We dwell with dirt and grain and sand

At last we’ve reached the Promised Land