Your crown

United Kingdom you will soon break down
We have our long memories intact
Hidden by their grit, the people frown

Some “know” integration turns men brown
Where is our famed courtesy, our tact?
United Kingdom ,we will all break down

Are our thoughts and tactics like sums sound?
Are our minds at one or are we cracked?
Hidden under smiles, the people frown

Afraid of living through the storms that drown
Hearts will shudder till dread turns them black
United Kingdom; motorways locked down

I have twenty friends with dressing gowns
We like men but where to learn the knack
Hidden under makeup, women frown

Sheep may graze, oh,lord, where is your Flock
The end is nigh,I cannot knit a sock
United Kingdom you will soon bog down
Humpty Dumpty you have wrecked your crown

5 thoughts on “Your crown

    1. It must be the general atmosphere here and how even the most intelligent people seem foolish,David.Nobody is trying to pull
      together but I know many people are deeloping mental health problems.I read the comments in the Times.Most of them disagree with Lockdown & they call each other bad names.So I write: “ad hominem remarks mean you are incapable of debating this issue.Why attack other people?


  1. This is a powerful poem and speaks to my deep sadness of our no longer being part of the European Community! Humpty Dumpty had indeed wrecked the crown….. Regardless I hope that you are keeping warm and continue to write, knit and sketch throughout the coming year. Janet XXXX

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    1. It is painful watching our rulers make such a mess.But,yes,I am doing domething creative every day.I am fortunate that oneof my nephews is now living fairly near & he came to my door for a few minutes.He brought me a Xmas pie! I am most shocked by reading The Times as the level of comments is poor.They call each other names [I then criticise them.] If they are the most intelligent people here,GOK what the others are like.I hope we can get though the winter.One of my friends has been reading your blog.He is a photographer and it has given him new ideas, so we have to keep posting as people are probably finding it helpful.I think of God creating order from Chaos and that is what your paintings do.They look like chaos then we see a person or aa a bird appearing from the colours you have seemingly put on at random.It takes courage to do that.And I feel the more people we are connected too the better whether here or in real life or by phone.We will come through but it looks like a long haul.Much love,Janet.You are a

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