Such grave burdens

After sadness may come  joy  and peace
The knowledge that the loved one is now safe
The burden of the tears ,the  loss, the grief

Do any trees mourn for their lost green leaves
Which made a bed for me, almost my grave?
After sadness , cry for  joy   and peace

At first the death seems  like the work of thieves
And in wild madness  widows  weep and rave
The burden of the tears, the loss, the grief

Even in old age we find release
Arms around the shoulder, touch we crave
After sadness  may come joy   and peace

After so much woe, the face is creased
Courage  will come swiftly  like a wave
After shedding tears,in loss, in grief


How do  the sad with no  known ritual behave?
The loss of spirit, lonely ones betrays
After sadness   pray for joy  and peace
Such grave burdens, tears,  loss,  and deep grief

2 thoughts on “Such grave burdens

  1. Oh, my goodness Katherine, what a tender, loving, heart-wrenching poem. How lovely, so lovely I wish that every adult who has known grief would read it and stop to think, “Yes, I understand this poet. I share in her grief because I’ve known grief too.” Thank you friend and fondest wishes, David

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  2. Thank you so much,David.I appreciate and value your very kind comments.I would be pleased if anyone found that they were not alone in grief as they read my sadder poems.That we all love and lose should draw us together.So good to hear from you, my dear friend


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