Uncertainty and courage

When red sun  drops and  cooling night  rolls in
Darkness masks both danger and our vision
Ancient minds fear    day won’t come again
Courage for the  delicate   seems thin
We  wrestle  with  hot indecision
When  sun  drops and  the night  rolls in
But now , new stricken by   a dread of sin
Who shall protest the dark   derision?
Our  ancient minds fear   day won€’t come again
When  we sleep we’re entertained within
Deft dreams squander all   illusion
When the sun  drops and  the night  rolls in
In reverie we’re loved  and  so  open
Then  fancy turns to full communion
While ancient minds fear   day won’t come again
And so  it was that our own life began
When sperm leaped up in  proud confusion.
When the sun  dropped and  and the night  rolled in
When the brave said  “Day  shall come again”

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