Did you think the past had gone away?

Do you think the past has gone away?
A War to end all wars; what paradox!
Hell, we’re seeing more of it today

They’ll soon be selling gas masks on E bay.
They’ll make them  glow to go with summer frocks
Did you think the past had gone away?

Hell is here,  see Gaza  on display
Israel debased, unorthodox
Weighs “Arabs”   down with  years of martial law

Who divided Palestine, I say?
The British with their thinking in the box.
Hell, we’re seeing more of it today.

Can Jews themselves grieve  millions murdered, flayed
Can tortured people mourn when they’ve  been mocked?
Did you think the past had gone away?

The war might end, the Nazis us outfoxed
Their actions travel down the years so cracked.
Did you think the past had gone away?
Hell is here on earth  this very day

History, undigested ,splits and cracks

The nearer peace, the more savage the acts
Abhorrent to the atheist in us all.
History, undigested ,splits and cracks

As we whites did evil to the black
With little difference, hate in glory calls.
The nearer peace, the more savage the acts

All of us can disremember facts
Israeli hands have gripped and then appalled.
History, undigested ,splits and cracks QQ aa

As ,with Bomber Harris, Dresden packed
Burned like grass the refugees to ghouls
The nearer peace, the more savage the acts

We deny the healing we have lacked
For Jews we helped destroy, psychotic fools
History, undigested ,splits and cracks

Palestine’s own Arabs are ill ruled
And in return, explode like stubborn mules
The nearer love, the more the hatred whacks
History., unconceivable, directs

A jagged silence taunts us overhead

Like a broken shell, our world  has cracked
Whose the foot  that  heavily did tread?
Now we wander  in  this City sacked

Once worlds break  how can we bring them back?
Must we  mourn  until our hearts are fed?
Like a pretty shell, our world  has cracked

Where once stood towers  the buildings lie down  flat
A jagged silence taunts from overhead
 As we wander  in  this City sacked

What New Messiah can  find  and love the gap?
Who will give the wine and whose the bread?
Like a cockleshell, our world  has cracked

The death of  God in Auschwitz  on the Rack
The torture of  the Arabs, children  bleed
We cry out , the slouching beast is back

Did we ever think of those in need?
The children of the genocide still plead
Like a broken shell, the world   has cracked
Now we stumble,blind to what we lack

There’s no time like the present

I should forget my husband I shoulf forget my dad

I should forget my mother I should not feel so sad

Forget my little sister forget my brother Paul

I should not feel about them I should not feel at all.

We all sat at the table and we should number seven

Now there are just three of us, the rest may be in heaven

Love and hate are very close perhaps they’ve gone to hell

So I should be a sinner so I’ll go there as well.

Oh daddy how we loved you and and we loved mammy too

Where was sibling rivalry in our Human zoo

We scratched and bit we pinched their toys, what kinds of sister do ?

I used to squeeze the oranges when they all had flu

Now we are growing older and and I shall be alone

So may my heart be with warm with blood and never a cold stone

My body turns to water I’m going to dissolve

I’ll go to earth and then to sky with all my problems solved

How to Fight Right — in a Pandemic or After


For these sorts of blowups, the key, once again, is to “respond rather than react,” Dr. Cook said. “When we get activated, the limbic system, or emotional center, of our brain can take over and our logical reasoning can get lost in the mix,” she said. “That’s why it’s so helpful to slow yourself down, listen to your partner, and say to yourself how you want to respond before you speak it out loud.”

Dr. Cook also recommends analogizing your fight to a “fur ball,” or the thing that keeps coming back up once in a while, rather than something that will break you. “As aggravating as this can be,” she said, “see it as something that requires some maintenance. It doesn’t mean it won’t get better.”

Fair fighting is an ongoing effort, even when a pandemic is fanning the flames.

“Even the healthiest of couples encounter challenges and stumbling blocks