Essex harvest

The fields in flames, the stubble set alight
The earth herself was burning in our sight
The ancient lands of Essex still grew grain
As hares ran into hedgerows fearing pain

The empty road, the smoke, the land on fire
The ashes left a newer crop would sire
The land to Epping vast and flat was bright
Yet covered in its smoke there was no light

Our little human world is but a skin
Destruction easy with a word or bomb
Dependent on the government, those liars
Weak as watered gruel, they must be fired

Caught inside the symbols of the Earth
From destruction comes a brave new birth


You can steal this if you want to because it’s not very good

I don’t want to see reality

With friends I am frequently curt

I attack before others attack me

For accepting real knowledge will hurt.

I don’t think that I am autistic

 I love to have an excuse.

I blame what goes wrong on my family

I’m causing the others distress.

I’m afraid that I will be defenceless 

like a snail that has broken its shell.

Someone will tread on me, crush me 

I am afraid of my tenper as well

I can’t see all of reality

The pain is so hard to relate

I shall see a bit more if you help me

Because that real knowledge does hurt

Essex cornfields

Saturday was shopping then a walk Epping,Ongar,Finchingfield by car

Reading book reviews and chewing stalks

Buttercups and meadows,Henry Moore

Driving back from Chelmsford, cornfields flamed

Smoke and fire and earth, the sun dismayed

Farmers working hard, a harvest, grain

The sky through mist a cobalt blue displayed

Standon with its fords and wandering cows

Little rivers,Essex, flowing down

The Stort joins with the Lea,a gurglimg sound

Water for the Thames and mossy ground

The earth feels like my body sacrificed

The artist’s canvas stretched ,a matricide

How to deal with rage

Anger disorder

There is no clear diagnosis of an anger disorder, but the psychiatric diagnostic manual does include “intermittent explosive disorder”, which is characterised by recurrent behavioural outbursts representing a failure to control aggressive impulses. This affects 7.3% of the population at some point in their life and 3.9% in the past 12 months.

Anger, however, is a common clinical presentation that features across an array of different mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance use disorders and many more.

If you begin to notice that you are on edge quite a lot, do things that you later regret, are quick to react instead of respond, and that you have people in your life who have told you that you tend to get angry, it might be helpful to do something about it.

The long white sands

It wish I were in Old Hunstanton town

The long white sands the laughing sea  the sky.

I can’t go back the yellow gorse has spikes.

I saw the graves of all the seamen drowned

I wish you held my hands  in your warm hands

I wish your  eyes were gazing into mine.

I wish that we could change the day and time

Walking in the place where sea meets land.

At Blakeney we walked out along the dyke.

When we turned the church was out of sight.

We never got a chance to take a boat.

To see the seals in some place more remote

I wish that we could bring back  Norfolk’s light

But we have got the vision and the sight

The last post translated by Google translate


Day, and therefore briefly allocating
Killin' that's what we're saying now
Ah, ah, they did not propose shud and chodchod; but oh
Work, whose unbridled passions will find you burning

s ill i mammy you soon and die
For a reason it will break: and you will bind
Allocking makes me feel ill
Does the mother have the right to make a will?
But I am all yours allooan Pyk
It is a burden for the common people to walk
I'm sorry, my wife humiliated me
Allocking it's a crime ah knowingly intelligent

Where is my daddy that's the pipe
Where do you think Father's jacket is full of smoke?
I want them, my mom s alloooan
You, ed by the horrible answers, er groaned

Where is my cat, and where is my dog?
Where does it come from, if it's cold?
The fact that you think of old clothes and an old hook through a T-shirt
Eeh, God can not be filled with anger?

For God will not allooan all
Never allocs, that is a stone
That's why all of us humans are so angry

lottery for today But it seems ah've been hell and I'm sure
No, the yooman will stay.

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Latin as she is spoke

From Lancashire dialect to Latin

Die, et ideo breviter allocking
Killin quod suus ‘vicis ut nunc dicimus
Ah, ah non shud et chodchod proposuerunt; sed oh
Opus, quod cuius effrenae libidini, invenient te ard

s ill i mammy tibi cito et moriar
A causa enim conteret: et ligabis
Allocking me sentire ill meks
Nonne mater iure testamentum facere?
Ego autem totum tuom est allooan Pyk
Impensis est weear vulgares AMBULO
Allooan sum, mi humiliavit uxorem
Allocking suus scelus ah scitote intelligentes

Ubi mi daddy quod suus ” ‘sit pipe
Ubi est Pater iaccam plena fumigant putas?
Illi volo, mi mam s alloooan
Vos, ed responsis horrent divum er gemitus

Ubi mi cat, et ubi canis mi
Ubi iscatur, rhoncus ea pallio, si frigus?
Factum ‘putas veteres pannos et antiqua aduncum per’ T vestimento
Eeh, Deus non potest repleti sunt ira?

Deus enim non omnes allooan
Numquam allocks, qui est lapis
Ut ‘quare omnes nos homines ut irata

lottery for todaySed videtur ah’ve inferos et certus sum
Nil, yooman manebunt.