11 benefits of being curious – Rest Less

Art by Katherine


Curiosity stop your brain from decreasing in its powers as you get older. But be aware of this is still illegal to look through people’s bedroom windows when they are getting undressed. And I don’t have to tell you all the other things that are illegal because there are plenty of things that are legal and interesting and fascinating and you can start a journal and the first line is 3 things I am curious about do not include any of the royal family, the British or any other nationality.I.t’s got to be something worthwhile. Like having fantasies about blowing up the House of Commons and why did Guy Fawkes fail and then how you would do it and this might come in useful but it will be interesting anyway

If I don’t post on my blog tomorrow it will be because I’ve been arrested for sedition.

Whatever sedition is as Prince Charles might have said

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