After you

A strange and lonely feeling held my heart
Gripping like some pincers made of steel.
From my beloved, I had had to part
Then numbness  folded round me like a shield

And quietness loved,  has now turned into threat
Nero-like, I  fiddle with my  tunes
Pie Jesu’s not made top ten yet!
Larks’ ascents aren’t worth much to a loon!

I phoned a friend, her voice did me no good
It echoed in the chambers of my mind
Where metal walls echo the coursing blood
And escalate these feelings so unkind

Though he l loved has gone and is now dead.
I  see his face upon my  heartless bed

Never spray dye

As I read  the newspaper I had one eye on the clock and the other one on the cooker

I roll my eyes in desperation but I could see no way out of my head

His eyes were like knives and evens his remarks were cutting

His nose was completely blocked. Have you lost your marbles, I asked him politely?

If looks could kill we would all be dead

I walked across the red carpet as his eyes

struck me a glancing blow.

We all need rhymes in the back of our head

English grammar for forgetful people like me

beige and gray barn owl
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Three confusions

I learned grammar at school but when I began writing found I’d forgotten a lot of it

.Maybe full stops etc are best omitted!

Here are three sets of confusing words

1. Its and it’s

This is the one many of us get wrong.

“It’s” is usually  short for” it is”. sometimes for “It has”

Otherwise there is no apostrophe separating the it and the s.

So if you say “The cat took its prey behind the dresser” there is no apostrophe.

But if you say “It’s cold today” there is.

Sometimes “It’s” can be short for “It has” eg “It’s been raining all day”

2. Their and there.

Their coats,their possessions. Usage  is like that of my or your.

“They took off their clothes and fell into their cosy bed”

“There” refers to a place.”I thought I left my keys just there on the desk,but when I came in I found hem there on the table.
It’s related to “Here”

“Did you leave your coat here or was it out there by the porch?Isn’t it cold? It’s really freezing tonight.
The cat brought its kittens inside by the fire,.
I gave the dog a bone and it’s really happy 
now,out there.They have their own lives.”

3. Your and  ,  you’re

As in 1. an apostrophe indicates a missing letter.So” you’re” means”you are”

“You’re crazy if you believe that Hitler was a good person

“You’re late again”

“You’re mine,You’re divine.You’re practically sublime”

“Your” denotes belonging to you.

Like “Where is your coat?

It’s on the chair with yours”

“What is your dad saying?”

“Your country needs you”

4. Conclusion:Apostrophes are a problem.We see signs in the market “apple’s 20p each”

If in doubt,leave it out!

These are the three commonest confusions.

Our work will look more professional if we’re well versed in grammar.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of  to ask for  guidance or buy a book on grammar

Every dog has its day.

Every cloud has its silver lining.

I time for me to go so I’ll end there and let everyone find their own needs out.

Words or phrases that sound the same are not always written the same.****************

I hoope this iss a  a hilp  but it’s 2 easy for myst peeple hya. As they say in Tyneside UK

Good Nite Hall

The missing part

When our father left we were alone

Living on this planet with no home

Existential dread became the rage

The dining table made familial stage

Once he was in heaven then came to earth

On Salisbury plain the sheep displayed much mirth

In the field of Parliament Hill we saw

Sheep could safely graze until the war.

Did they have a shepherd, was it Christ?

Now we have no metaphors,no taste.

Now sheep are made machines they do not graze

The battery hens are clockwork in disgrace

Our father haha ba he is not here.

I think I’d rather drown myself in beer

Rise up haddock

She gave me a withering look

She showed contempt

She glared

She flashed her eyes and I took the hint

He rolled his eyes when I rolled my cigarettes

I thought she was the Gorgon but I didn’t check.

She looked daggers

If looks could kill

She screwed her eyes up by as I screwed my courage up

He stared at me non-stop while I gave the lecture.

Metal heart

I wish my heart were made of iron or steel

I could be alive but never feel.

Made of glass my heart could crack and break

My tongue would fail my mind make its mistakes

A plastic heart could deal with feelings cheap

But such heart could never hold the deep

Shall I freeze and turn to metal strong

But then I could not love or not for long.

Which is worse to bleed and suffer pain

Or turn to steel and never feel again?

I cannot choose I do not know what’s worst

May our human hearts survive uncursed


The world is woven in such different ways
Struts the vertical, the flat below
Oh God who weaves me shall by me be praised

Oh, shall the mystic reach be what she craves
When all the strings release and she falls low
The world is woven in its different ways

Timed by ritual Lady Lazarus rose
And all the eyes that gazed were burning slow
Yes, God who weaves me shall by me be praised

There is a hollow only Ariel knows
As horse and rider as one being flow
The world is sensed in wholly different ways

The body ,home of mind, will run astray
Oh, what seams of evidence forego
Fallen God who unacknowledged knows

Beneath the sea of green the undertow,
Spirits sidle deep like melting snow
The world is woven in such different ways
That God who weaves me shall by me be praised