Was Jesus cremated?

This man believed he was Jesus Christ. I will write the death for you but do not have him cremated for at least 6 weeks

Jewish people are not supposed to be cremated.

You don’t have to tell me why

If you have a grave with a gravestone then you could visit on Sunday even take a packed lunch with you.

I said a packed lunch not a parked lunch

Don’t you think you should look to the

future and find someone else to marry

If God wants me to get married again they will have to find me

Nowadays you can have sex without getting married again and I saw adverts in the independent newspaper about valentine’s Day everybody is buying sex toys.

What can we do with the price of electricity?


And where has Romance gone St. Valentine preferred romance.

Nobody talks about it much anymore they write to the newspapers saying so I am more experienced than my boyfriend about sex so I’m not sure how to relax with him. Will he think I’m a prostitute?

Long gone are the days when we got married without even knowing about sex.

Yes I thought that when I slept in the same bed as my husband I will get pregnant automatically. I wish the had been true . But I couldn’t stop it happening again.

Will it happen again automatically there’s no way that you can use birth control. An abortion wasn’t available at that time anyway would you want to have one when the father of your child might be god?

No I guess not.

Who would want to abort Jesus ?

Maybe it would have prevented the Holocaust.

Don’t you think you’re happy when you are a mathematician?

Somebody had to calculate the figure is 6 million Jews, numbers of backward or mentally incapable or disabled children, a lot of gypsies, homosexuals, political dissidents, Christians like different bonhoeffer, (not hard to count those)

Yes it will make a good subject for my PhD thesis is October’s when I can find out exactly how many all these categories did die but you can’t find that out by using just mathematics.

We could have some readings of the Psalms

Quiet please. I am waiting ing for the still small voice. Maybe god should have shouted but he can’t do everything we have to help don’t we?

Ti tell you the truth I thought that he was dead.

Alive but why?


Photo by Katherine

Discharge notes:

Alive but cause unknown
A good talk cured this patient.Sent home with CD
Alive or a good actress.
Alive despite treatment.
Alive though humourless
Died laughing,cause unfound.Maybe doctors’s face triggered fit
Alive after eating the hospital food for a week.Sent home to lower risk
Said pain has moved to the third level.Sent to the Tower by lift