Happiness- is it usual?


Why are there so many books on happiness and yet less actual happiness?
I like this piece  by Amy Bloom in the  NYT. I find reading reviews makes me happy.Men make me happy of they are humorous.Women do because they converse well.And peace and quiet make me happy.

I’m so happy

Not to be a baby in a nappy.

I feel so blue

When I miss you

I don’t want a lover.

Too much bother.

I like to be alone

Just me and my comb.

Shakespeare was a poet

I know it

And I am not

I quite forgot

As I felt gay

All  of today

I’ll be sad

Or maybe mad

as rotation

is the human situation



No mirror, no reflection

No mirror for reflection in his mind
He says whatever suits that moment’s wish
Thus he is to truth disabled, blind

Pride and power make all of us unkind.
But reflecting deeply shows us what’s amiss.
There’s no mirror for reflection in his mind

In phantasy, we get what we design.
But fancied love won’t give a fleshly kiss.
We are to truth and justice surreal,blind

To find the truth we cannot be malign
Must view with horror what we once dismissed
Who can use those mirrors in their minds?

Judging of our leaders is no crime;
For we judge our selves and that is less than bliss
When leaders lie, the world is undermined

He has no self at all, if all’s his wish.
Inevitable,catasrophic, the abyss
He has no space for mirrors in his mind
Now he is to wisdom doubly blind.

Hold them gently

I put the broken pieces of my heart
Into a dish of diamonds and gold charred.
But metal is no match for flesh
And hearts don’t need a fancy dish
So now I hold them gently though I smart.

The pain’s familiar yet it seems more raw.
A tiger scratching me with sharpened claw.
Oh.god give me grace today
For I cannot pray.
And death hangs with its huge open maw

In between two raindrops

Some evenings, the sky turned pink

We were happy, lying in the grass

watching the sun set,

arms around each other.

Seemed like everlasting life had come

Earlier than forecast
Those weathermen are often wrong!

They need new training.

I shall remember you

in that timeless moment

in between two raindrops,

in between two tears