Rise up haddock

She gave me a withering look

She showed contempt

She glared

She flashed her eyes and I took the hint

He rolled his eyes when I rolled my cigarettes

I thought she was the Gorgon but I didn’t check.

She looked daggers

If looks could kill

She screwed her eyes up by as I screwed my courage up

He stared at me non-stop while I gave the lecture.

Metal heart

I wish my heart were made of iron or steel

I could be alive but never feel.

Made of glass my heart could crack and break

My tongue would fail my mind make its mistakes

A plastic heart could deal with feelings cheap

But such heart could never hold the deep

Shall I freeze and turn to metal strong

But then I could not love or not for long.

Which is worse to bleed and suffer pain

Or turn to steel and never feel again?

I cannot choose I do not know what’s worst

May our human hearts survive uncursed