What a wonderful sleep

I have had an interesting experience 4 times in the last 10 days. Each time I felt very tired in the evening and I went to bed early. I woke up and I thought what a wonderful sleep now what shall I do today?

Then I looked at the clock and it was 11:40 p.m. it was not the morning. I went back to sleep. I often do waken up in the night but I have never before woken up feeling so wonderful.

Surprised by grace

My heart was trapped by grief I was too frail

My mind was black I saw no way ahead

My mind was numb I felt I should be dead

I sat with my despair, how hard I failed.

I saw the tunnel black inside my head

The track was going downwards yard by yard

I felt so hopeless, why was I not spared?

The avenues of grief I overtrod

Then I saw and felt a golden light

Caress me with its fire its warmth ity grace

Strong and kind its beauty I embraced

And unexpected was this loving sight

I knew that this was real, so I have learned

That bitter pain and terror has an end

If like patient mourners we attend

Then accept the love we have not earned

Who are you?

I was the beggar in the road,

I was dirty, hungry with ragged clothes.

I am the person you kicked on the head

The filthy black pavement was my bed.

I was the woman you raped and you choked

You thought I was dead, I had my eyes closed.

I was the train driver when you jumped down

I couldn’t just stop, I still see your frown.

I am the Jew whom you thought was rich.

You knocked of my glasses and smashed them to bits

T,he temple was broken the synagogues burned 

In the cathedrals nothing was learned. 

Everything done is recorded by God.

I am the baby on whose mother you trod

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