Yellow light

Yellow light,l seems like the sun is here

In the afternoon when I can write

Deceived by light I crashed back into fear

Yellow light seems like the sun was here.

Now it is the wallpaper that leers

Reminds me of my childhood and dark nights

The yellow light confused me brought love near

Enraged I found my heart was full of spite

A triolet

The triolet

A (first line)
B (second line)
a (rhymes with first line)
A (repeat first line)
a (rhymes with first line)
b (rhymes with second line)
A (repeat first line)
B (repeat second line)
The summer weighs us down with sullen  heat
Even cats and dogs  sit still as stones
Gone are early flowers with fragrance sweet
The summer weighs us down with sullen  heat
The hot flagstones return my angry beat
As people  scurry by ears blockes by phones.
The summer weighs us down with sullen  heat
Even cats and dogs  sit still as stones

K Braithwaite at 10:38


You’ll have to laugh or else you’ll cry

I saw this painting at the art exhibition and I told him it resembled a strangulated Turner.

She said that my financial affairs were calculated to harm her

She was a lapsed Catholic with a prolapsed womb and so would you if you didn’t use contraception can you be a prolapsed Catholic!

Isn’t it strange that many fully qualified doctors are nervous of doing surgery etc and yet someone pretending to be a doctor with no qualifications and very little experience carries out many operations on the NHS before it’s discovered that this person is a rogue?

Forgot to put an appendix to my thesis and now I’ve got appendicitis instead of my degree

But they told me my thesis was much too long. I can’t seem to win really. Thank goodness Dirac is dead. Is that blasphemy?

They were impressed with the breadth of my knowledge but not with what I had written down I don’t understand it. I copied it straight from the book. I haven’t written about myself but I had read it. It was published by a reputable company. The book has those topics in it. And no other book does at least in English why should I have to translate it from another language because I speak English see you will have to speak it it lol

I never realised it myself 2 later the God just wanted to spend three more years at university. Since dwells in my unconscious mind he had to move me to Oxford.

Killed my supervisor so I couldn’t stay where I was. Mysterious ways indeed. I had always wanted to ride a second-hand bicycle so that meant it was either Oxford or Cambridge. Is Norwich flat I could have gone there. Still I’m nearly 90 years old now so maybe I can move on after brooding for 70 years.

I’ll buy a car and then I can go to any University at all the morphology of the area will not matter in the long run. I just want to graduate before I die.

deemed bad

Too old to write a poem

None so blind as those who will not see

The suffering of the old is hidden from view

How cruel the world indifferent yet to me

My face is frozen killing any clue.

The colours of the heart are mainly blue.

Sister, sister do you not agree.?

The suffering and the dying not on cue

From the desert of the aged flee.

I wonder whether God asks who are you?

God has got dementia yet is free

The suffering of the old enrages few

A play on words amusing I shall sue