I did not lift my head

Drawn towards the tunnel deep and dark

if I entered then my life was done 

My voice was mute my choices few and stark

I looked for help but no help  had then come 

Paralysed by grief and fear I stayed

The time went by and I sat still and dumb

I did not lift my head nor say a prayer.

Until I learned a golden light had  come

I was wrapped in love and comfort warm.

No words were spoken yet I seem to hear

I felt absorbed in love and held in calm.

Turn back to Life he said for I am near.

He changed my heart because it had turned black

Love had entered through  a little crack

The late

Trial and horror

The patient woman killed her husband dear

When she spoke never seemed to hear.

She hit him with a frying pan, it broke

Full of eggs and bacon , but not toast.

The husband had long hoped to kill his wife.

Yet he could not cook to save his life.

The house was far too small to kill a cat.

What will the judge and jury say to that?

Do not be too patient with your mate

Otherwise you’ll both called the late

I am patient

A good few years ago I had to have surgery on my eyes and and it was not totally successful but I can see ok with my left eye. In fact that my husband used to complain about this if I could see better than someone with both eyes. It took me a year to recover from the surgery because of my eyes went oval.

When I was recovering I took up knitting and made what I thought was shawls but I found  people were hanging them on the wall. I think I think it was the colours.

Be more ambitious I thought. I decided where you started off with one then you had three because that was easy and from then on you increased twicebin the middle of the row. I had a lot of leftover mohair so I decided to to to make the shawl striped.

As I knitted the number of stitches increased and when I got to about 60 stitches sometimes I wasn’t sure where the middle was and I had to count all the stitches on the needle which was circular to make sure I was in the right place so all went well until I got to about 90 stitches and I need needed to count them again so I began to one of the 49 50 51 52… 80 81 82

Before I  got to the middle my husband me a question about something else so I answered him but then I had to start counting the route again. That happened about 5 or 6 times and I began to feel annoyed.

I said to him,will you look at me. And then I said can you see all this kniting on all the circular needle I am trying to count the stitches and I’ve tried 6 times no lw but you interrupt me before x in the end

Please look at me before you speak and if I am counting do not ask me a question but if I am just knitting you can talk to me or ask me a question

I felt like hitting him on the head with any implement to hand. Then knocks on the head are dangerous especially if you are short sighted.

I didn’t lose my temper and I think if I had lost my temper it would have taken me a long time to recover from it because he didn’t know what I was doing but I wasn’t reading so he thought you could talk to me I wish I could remember what he wanted to ask me now that I am alone. How I wish  he was here to interrupt me.

The Skill of Patience – Columbia Metropolitan Magazine



Learning to accept daily frustrations

By Thomas Barbian, Ph.D.

Patience is a virtue! Or, at least that is how the saying goes. But is it really? Patience is defined as “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset,” a definition with several important components. Patience is also a skill. We can work on increasing our ability to be patient and engage in practices to become a more patient person. 

Before looking at how to develop more patience, it is best to define what we are actually talking about. Patience (or the lack thereof — impatience) occurs in response to some sort of difficulty or delay in life that is not going according to expectation. A day can hardly be lived without encountering something that interferes with our plans, and so we might say that the “interferences” or “disruptions” are a normal part of life; to expect otherwise will make it difficult to be patient.