Send them to Uganda, Rwanda, my veranda. It’s all economics really

It Jesus Christ and his mother Mary and father Joseph had arrived in a dinghy on the south coast the Home secretary would have sent them to Uganda. And if God were there

Would they have sent God to Uganda?

Well since God is everywhere he’s already in Uganda.

But 2000 years ago aeroplanes did not exist

Why,is it a long way to Uganda?

Where do you think it is is?

I thought it was one of the Shetland Islands.

In that case why are people from Uganda black?

Well it can get very hot in Scotland.

Is it doesn’t make sense because we are further South than Scotland and we are not all black

And Africa is further South than England and most of them are black.

This form of argument is clearly not very satisfactory. A lot of people in Britain believe that Uganda is an island off Scotland that might be why Suella Braverman gets away with her proposals. But I don’t think she really thinks Uganda is in Scotland.

I didn’t know she went around making proposals. I thought she was already married. Does she come from Uganda do you thinj?

What a racist remark. My newsagent came from Uganda because they were afraid of idi Amin

I’m sorry but I didn’t realise it was racist to mention Uganda

What about Uganda?

Strangely before the Germans killed the Jews they had wondered about sending them to Uganda. It’s understandable but Jews are not black. And Uganda was and probably still is very dangerous place to live for anybody.

Some Jews are yellows and they live in China.

What a remarkable coincidence. Can they speak Chinese

Yea they realised that’s Hebrew is not spoken by many Chinese people.Nor are Jews born speaking Chinese even when they’re living in China yet Chinese babies speak in Chinese. It’s all very puzzling

Well the Hebrew alphabet is easier to learn than the Chinese alphabet.

It’s one thing learning the alphabet but it is another to speak the language.

Just think most people in Britain didn’t know the alphabets until the last 200 years. They could communicate with each other really well. They could speak English perfectly

And when they learnt the alphabet they could read the Sun and the Mail.

What a great step forward for humankind. They couldn’t read the Moon though.

Don’t start talking about horoscopes.

Surely it’s the planets that count.

I can’t!

Very intelligent people can’t always count

Perhaps they were born before numbers were invented

I never knew numbers were invented

Well have you ever seen a number when you been out walking or when you been at home with your beloved.

Are you telling me that numbers are not real?

They are a product of our imagination starting off from the need to count your goat so sheep when the human race we came agrarian rather than Hunters gatherers.

But even Hunters would need to count the number of animals that they had caught unless it was only one or two

So the development of a number system which took hundreds of years then became something that anybody could use The symbol 0 zero is believed to have been invented by Indian mathematicians and I believe that when they traded it wasn’t only spices and silks and all sorts of goods but also ideas will travel. Maybe that’s why Marx believe that everything was economics.

In a very real sense everything is economics


By  love enacted falsly, some are raped

Shoild we write in form to make a shape
Or let our mind run free, associate?
Such tangled webs within the mind  are draped

Oh, to run as free as antelopes
But from sharp tigers noone will escape
Can we  control , disarm  within a shape?

Love’s enacted falsely , making rape
Inside our  hearts shall we recover hope?
Such tangled webs the curtained mind  creates

Round the  marbled minds we  half dazed traipse
Wherever we go hunting, we’re too late
Can we  control  our fear  within a shape?

Collapsing faith cracks ,can we concentrate
Or  from the deal , do we dissociate?
Such tangled webs  of mind  make ripe our hate

Now sex  compels but will can’t procreate
Can kindness smile  and friendship instigate?
Shoild we write in form when we love shape?
Our mingled maps  of  mind   might mangle  fate

We learned definition and precision.

What was so wrong with me asking
About your absence from this world
And trying to grab you back
holding onto your coat tail
Eternity’s long enough already
We don’t need your vapour trails.
Was it a wicked thing to do
As you floated  far away
To reach out to touch once more?
I admit I never knew you kept a score
Were you already packing bags
to throw out the door?
I knew it was the real thing
But some folk never do.
You have your expectations
And your tests and rules
But we never learned those
In our lessons  at  high school.
We learned rigour and icy vision
We learned definition and precision.
But what use are they in loving?
What use are  they in life?
I didn’t know how to travel with no maps
And you were off anyhow.
The orchestra stopped playing
When they saw the gap.
You can’t fly forever
But I  am leaving you.
In these  circumstances
What  does a woman like me do.
You can smile and squeeze your eyes tight
Suck in those cheeks and hide your love.
What’s coming after you ’s an eagle or a crow
Not a dove…it’s black I know
When you toss it all away then
Seems like it’s long past time
and emotion to call it a day.
Come again… must be crazy.
Love is clear to me  now like the face of a new born daisy

Into a little crack  a seed may fall

Hiding in between two  garden shrubs
A little  fruiting tree has grown unseen
Now it’s filled with blossom humbly borne
That decorates the patient garden green

I see it with delight from up above
The window gives me visions ,maps of space
I see the blackbirds, hear them sing at dusk
Now all nature finds its proper place

Into a little crack  a seed may fall
A tree grows up and cracks the paving stones
Thus are the mighty broken,scattered, scorned
All they leave are  heaps of whitened bone

The humble may be raised  without request
The proud  are filled with hatred of the rest