You’ll have to laugh or else you’ll cry

I saw this painting at the art exhibition and I told him it resembled a strangulated Turner.

She said that my financial affairs were calculated to harm her

She was a lapsed Catholic with a prolapsed womb and so would you if you didn’t use contraception can you be a prolapsed Catholic!

Isn’t it strange that many fully qualified doctors are nervous of doing surgery etc and yet someone pretending to be a doctor with no qualifications and very little experience carries out many operations on the NHS before it’s discovered that this person is a rogue?

Forgot to put an appendix to my thesis and now I’ve got appendicitis instead of my degree

But they told me my thesis was much too long. I can’t seem to win really. Thank goodness Dirac is dead. Is that blasphemy?

They were impressed with the breadth of my knowledge but not with what I had written down I don’t understand it. I copied it straight from the book. I haven’t written about myself but I had read it. It was published by a reputable company. The book has those topics in it. And no other book does at least in English why should I have to translate it from another language because I speak English see you will have to speak it it lol

I never realised it myself 2 later the God just wanted to spend three more years at university. Since dwells in my unconscious mind he had to move me to Oxford.

Killed my supervisor so I couldn’t stay where I was. Mysterious ways indeed. I had always wanted to ride a second-hand bicycle so that meant it was either Oxford or Cambridge. Is Norwich flat I could have gone there. Still I’m nearly 90 years old now so maybe I can move on after brooding for 70 years.

I’ll buy a car and then I can go to any University at all the morphology of the area will not matter in the long run. I just want to graduate before I die.

deemed bad

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