There’s no time like the present

I should forget my husband I shoulf forget my dad

I should forget my mother I should not feel so sad

Forget my little sister forget my brother Paul

I should not feel about them I should not feel at all.

We all sat at the table and we should number seven

Now there are just three of us, the rest may be in heaven

Love and hate are very close perhaps they’ve gone to hell

So I should be a sinner so I’ll go there as well.

Oh daddy how we loved you and and we loved mammy too

Where was sibling rivalry in our Human zoo

We scratched and bit we pinched their toys, what kinds of sister do ?

I used to squeeze the oranges when they all had flu

Now we are growing older and and I shall be alone

So may my heart be with warm with blood and never a cold stone

My body turns to water I’m going to dissolve

I’ll go to earth and then to sky with all my problems solved

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