The quick of human flesh was dragged and torn

The death of God implies he did exist
And of his sayings many were possessed
The still, small voice, the burning bush, its fire
The prophets ,Moses ,Jesus, Jeremiah

On God, a  snail without a shell , we trod
On his face of love,  we  left much blood
The quick of human flesh was dragged and torn,
Oh, tortured people, God lived in your forms

Tear your finger nail side,see it bleed
Imagine pain both dreadful and unseen
Where was God’s own dwelling place, we cry
To the lowly, he was in the sky.

God was buried live in  earth  which shrieked
My people,where are they, ah can  none speak?


A number of Jews who survived the death camps went to their old homes in Eastern Europe.I am not saying which country
They were buried live.The earth heaved for hours

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