Where ‘er you walk….cool gales shall fan the glades

Even sauntering through a concrete junglecan be like meditation.Being present to the people you meet like the checkout person,the waitress in the coffee shop,letting your dreaming mind wander over the faces of the people walking by and dogs walking on a leash with a mother and baby,the plants,the cleaners.. so many faces..being present is possible and better than ruminating over past troubles.

Drink your coffee outside,gaze and fall into a trance…it’s spring now and we can smell the soil changing with the sun and almost sense the bulbs pushing through into the small enchanted world of a planter in a busy mall in a town centre.

Of course I find it hard to be like that if I am rushing to achieve some goal.We need to be somewhat like clouds floating through the sky on the wind..without effort.I keep telling myself

If I can walk through a puddle or two and remember other watery joys;see reflections in the water and admire the poor trees ,in solitary planters. yet growing there even in such a place then a town centre can be a place to wander as the mind digests recent happenings and ponders on the mystery of existence[Don’t talk on your mobile as you walk if possible as that will ruin your walk and annoy the real people you pass]…I .take a look at them in all their assortment.. wish I coculd photograph them.

This is what I do… you may have a different way of being in such places…roaming and wandering are not so easy for city dwellers

but we can find a way…imagine we are on a sea shore or in a wood…

I welcome comments and criticism

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