David’s secret chord

We used to think we were doing God a favour by going to church on Sunday.

As if God were an elderly relative that we felt we had to see but we didn’t enjoy it much

Do you think God gets depressed because we don’t go to church?

That is so funny

Do you think God wants us to build all those cathedrals but never stop having wars?

Did God not mind when the poor were hurt more and more?

99% of the time we are thinking about it ourselves or our family and we don’t really think about other people. Even therapists after spending years trying to break out of complete egocentricity found it was all a mistake.

But in the the right circumstances and in the right attitudes of the heart a crack might openb the shell that protects us from others and their demands and the light might shine In give us a glimpse of eternity which is always here: it is outside time.

The rituals on Sunday morning might give someone a chance to find his crack. But is that was so it will be that person who benefited not God

Even if there is no god, that little crack sharing the way eternity is still there.

Because the real god is far away hiding from the monstrous wars and cruelty of the modern world

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