The isles

The British isles consist of Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. Westminster Cathedral and York Minster even though Yorkshire was once ruled by the Danes

Your social class consists of all the people that you call your friends and acquaintances.

And your social class needs work to keep it alive we call that working class. Upper class is a way of referring to to your friends that have died who are now in heaven waiting for you.

You don’t have to do anything you will become upper class when you die.

It is a sin to be born out of Wedlock. I think it’s in Shropshire because there is some music called

On Wenlock Edge.

Dear teacher Jonah was swallowed by a whale. during the night So he can’t come to school today the RSPCA are looking for the whale.

I live in the. United Kingdom if you can call this a life.

The Queen dies and nobody expresses surprise that we have a woman prime minister.

Noone labelled rishi sunak l as a Pakistani (that is a derogatory term used by racists who attack people from Asia not necessarily from Pakistan m)

So maybe we are all used to the idea it’s not only white people who can become members of parliament or prime minister.

And the general public have not talked about it so I think we are no getting used to the fact that we are are a multicultural society

And a multi-coloured society.

And a multi gendered society

We’ve always been a multi aged society but now it’s broader that it used to be as we live longer

And we are a multi sized society

From my art class

I will let you look at my art even though it’s not very good

Because it might encourage you you to go to an art class

You appreciate much more what you see when you have tried to do it yourself.

I welcome comments and criticism

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