Dealing better with money in order to live as well as you can and be creative

I am not an expert on budgeting but I’m writing this to see what ideas I could come up with when I have to be very careful as someone living on it a pension I have found when costs are rising rapidly for food and gas and electricity not to mention shoes and clothes m

It’s a good idea to remember that if you buy a lot of cheap things this will add up to to a large sum of money.

Telling yourself you don’t need to be anxious about buying things that cost less than £10,if you spent £10 every day on something you don’t need that will come to £300 in a month.

That yimoney might pay for your energy bill

I don’t want to be a killjoy especially as an older person no longer working outside of the home. But if you go out for coffee every day that could cost you £20 a week or £80 a month.

The key issue is that we need to maintain our social life we need to meet people and very often certainly for women that means meeting a friend in a coffee shop. So in my view if you could afford it then you should let yourself spend money on going out for coffee. If used to meet friends in a restaurant frequently then you will have to do some thinking.

Could you meet them for coffee instead?

Could you meet them in some country park and combined exercise with catching up?

Everybody needs one pair of good quality shoes which are waterproof

We need to keep warm and dry in the winter and if your feet are cold you I will not be happy.

Here I feel very sad about people who can’t afford even one pair of decent shoes but you can shop in outlets you can shop in places like TK maxx you can look at the websites of people who make and sell trainers. Often they have special offers that you can obtain by buying directly from them

It’s worth getting wool socks in the winter and you can shop around for those but we’ll feel so much better than with man-made fibres or cotton on the feet in winter

And when you are buying your clothing or even your socks you can get brighter colours and patterns which will cheer you and other people up. And it won’t be any more expensive than buying dull colours

Other people look at us and it’s lovely to see people wearing gorgeous colours not just grey or beige as many older people do

You may want to go to a class during the winter such as creative writing or art

Try not to to be anxious about spending money on this it is very very important to go out and to meet other people and even if you’re not very good at what you’ve chosen it’s still benefits you to do it. So do not eliminate such things from your life if if that’s at all possible

It’s more important to go to an art class than to buy a pair of shoes that you don’t need

If you look in your local newspaper or online you will also find that there are events taking place near you you are not very expensive like concerts by local choirs, plays in your local theatre

Use your money for things like this if you can. There is so much emphasis in the media on appearance but don’t spend all your money on on makeup and clothing etc

I can see nowthat unless you are well off you have to choose between different parts of life because you have to decide where it is a good idea to spend money and where it is not. Unless you are a member of the royal family or a film star your appearance does not matter it’s your expression it’s your face it’s whether you smile whether you have a sense of humour when are you are grateful for what you have and contented with your life, that is what will attract friends to you. Someone who looks like a model might not be as happy as you think when actually people might be intimidated by them.

Don’t be afraid of going to a class and being the worst person there in terms of your ability in that subject. Think about it, nobody’s terribly confident and if you go and what your drawing is not a very good it will comfort other nervous people

I welcome comments and criticism

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