Words and pictures

Wikipedia:Cave painting

Can a picture be painted with words?Or is the linearity of language a huge  barrier to showing us our complex world?I believe some of the great   poets have been able to carry out this creative task.Poetry is not merely sweet simple rhymes.Starting way back in history we have great writers such as  the Greeks,Hebrews,Romans..   ……….Homer,Horace,Ovid,King David .Plutarch…The Song of Songs may have been written by King Solomon…Not to mention Plato’s imagery of the Cave  and all the Plays/Tragedies .Though a Play is not just words alone I have seen the Old Testament /Hebrew Bible described as being instrumental in the development of story writing.The stories of that people written in perhaps the first ever alphabet,It definitely predates the Greek alphabet.Recall Daniel in the lions den and David and Goliath.Despite  our  anti-Semitic culture as Xtians we have based much of our culture on  their Bible and their traditions
I am interested in why images were banned in some religions
A.N.Wilson calls St Paul the first romantic poet…. not the way we were raised to think of him.Wilson has written a fascinating book on the life of Paul.That’s  where  I saw  his description recently

In the modern era .Gerald Manley Hopkins is a wonderful poet who was only known after he died.
As Kingfishers catch fire,as dragonflies draw flame
Each mortal thing does one thing and the same
Gives out that being,indoors each one dwells
elf,goes it self,myself it sings and tells.
I hope that is accurate.
If a  person can write like that my question is answered in the affirmative

I welcome comments and criticism

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