Memories of hills and small wild flowers 

Strange that sunshine glowing on the snow
Made me feel like summer was just here
And meadows of wild flowers would appear~
If only I knew which way I should go.
Happy with  increasing daylight hours,
Memories of hills and small wild flowers

Energy  sends loneliness away
As birds take shelter in the holly tree
The snow is falling with a touch of glee
Teasing  all the forecasters with play
Brighter in my heart and in my mind
The inner and the outer unconfined.

With our vision we create  our myth
Must we live in torment or in  bliss?

2 thoughts on “Memories of hills and small wild flowers 

  1. Last November and December I was in my daughter’s home in Germany. I experienced snowfall for the first time 🙂 It was magical for me. Here in my place we don’t have a winter at all. I used to love watching the birds flying from tree to tree, they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Regards

    1. Yes,it is nice having 4 seasons but I’d like a bit more sunshine.How wonderful to see snow.As a child I enjoyed building a snow man and sliding down a hill on a tin tray!I wish I could do that now.:)

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