Sanah Ahsan’s Journey Through Therapy and Spoken Word

Timesheets Magazine: London Edition


Sanah Ahsan’s Journey of Self-love Through Therapy and Spoken Word

Sanah Ahsan

“There’s lots of stuff I’m doing actually. I’m trying to think about things that might be more interesting,” says Sanah Ahsan in a coffee shop in London’s Edgware district. She’s talking about using poetry and therapy to help develop a community space for queer women of color and the work is already interesting. In a conversation that acts as a process for untangling the intertwined threads of Ahsan’s life and career, the psychologist, spoken word poet and activist examines the path that led her to become the inspiration she is today.Sanah Ahsan
Spoken word poet and psychologistSocial Media:

Ahsan’s personal experiences with the UK mental health system made her realize at a young age that she wanted to be a psychologist. As she was going through therapy in her teenage years, she found it hard to communicate the complexities of her culture to the predominantly white, middle class therapists assigned to help her.

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