How to reduce words gracefully

Ostracise me this Day Oh Lord

And mesmerize my enemies I beg of you.

For my top of the market devices I thank you very much.

I have always believed in folding tablets for ease of taking up the mountain if you have any new comments to give to me.on my blog.

And Microsoft latest laptop come drawing tablet will help me to outdo my enemies and send them all to Coventry.

Touch me touch me with your hands oh lord because all this modern technology is turning me into a robot. I need some skin to skin contact all the more so since I’ve been off the sized I most of my friends. Am I missing something is there a message I’m not there?

Dear Lord it’s time for me to drink my tea and finish my expressions of gratitude. And please tell the Pope not to excommunicate me yet because I am Jewish and I go to the local synagogue just like Jesus so I don’t think that the Pope can touch me though I would like some human search preferably women or men with great feelings and generosity anybody at all understand perspective and different points of view lead to different views of the place in front of you. Give me the grace to follow now my own advice 4 otherwise it may be totally wasted which will be very sad in my room anyway and I think I’m right today but I will check up in the morning he


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