Don’t Be Shy – The New York Times

It seems from reading this article that most of us would rather have a brain scan then go to a party and talk to strangers. Does shyness have survival value?

Just based on my own experiences I think shyness does have survival value.

Most animals only mix with their own family groupings.

They don’t drive about in cars nor go on holidays nor go to parties.

And if you’re not part of their clan they might attack you or eat you.

and when you go to a big party when you don’t know the guests there maybe some people there who are not trustworthy.

But we shouldn’t let shyness stop us altogether from mixing with people. We no longer live in clans or tribes so we have to construct one for ourselves but especially big cities we need to do it through connections at work or connections of our friends and neighbours or classes that we go to for art or music. In a class you can get to know people enough to judge them. They can also be very amusing as in my art class the best students have a low opinion of their work and the worst students sometimes ask the teacher how much they should get for their paintings when they sell them.

Being confident is not always based on realistic achievement so talents.

Ok just have value because confident people are more willing to try new things and are less afraid of being criticised So perhaps we can pretend to be confident especially in the context of going to classes. It’s not the end of the world if your drawing looks horrible. In fact some people might buy it because it’s so horrible whereas little sweet pretty pictures are all too common and we don’t want them anymore. Except ob birthday cards

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