Whimsical and sensible ways to save money

Find out what kind of fish swim in the rivers or lakes near you

Find out if it’s legal to fish the rivers that do have trout or other edible fish And if it is legal start fishing assuming you can afford a fishing rod

The French eat snails so why don’t the British eat slugs? They must have some protein in their bodies!

See if it’s cheaper to make your own butter from milk then to buy butter in the supermarket.

Or switch to something cheaper. I don’t like margarine but if you can find a spread for your bread you might save a bit

If you are healthy but overweight you will save money by eating less and you will also help your joints.

Why not let your cat have kittens? When the kittens are mature enough you may be able to sell them but do make sure they go to good homes.

Don’t buy any clothes unless they are essential. I know that many of you still can’t even afford what is essential. Trying to keep warm it’s difficult in winter especially if you don’t drive so go to charity shops a to buy woollen scarf or hats gloves fabric gloves are quite warm.

Shoes can be very expensive.

Maybe you are alright for the moment but make sure you have some rainproof shoes for the winter.

During world war II people lived on a relatively restricted diet. They had no choice and some managed better than others.

I don’t think you are going to find many frogs legs or toads willing to be putting holes.

If you are throwing away a lot of food at the end of the week

Then you are buying too much.

Analyse what you’ve not eaten I’ll ask yourself why why did you buy it and or why did you not eat it? Then learn from this what not to buy

If you have to have people around for a meal I think most people will be happy with the simple dish and your company.

If not ask yourself whether you really have to see these people. People who are rude to you because of the food you give them probably not worth knowing.

When I was young I made a complicated dish I had never used gelatin so I used jelly out of a packet and I was meant to know where we’re eating that this was a dreadful error.

She wasn’t invited again even when I could use gelatin

If you need to wear glasses they are very expensive nowadays. Have a proper eye test and save money on the friends if you have to.

Try to get to a dentist if you have not been during the pandemic. Save your teeth now and save money later

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