Afraid of getting through the winter when you don’t have enough money?

Everybody is worried except the very rich. Worried about coping with the financial problems that many people are going to have since the prices energy is so high and inflation is is in 2 figures.

We can’t deny if it is normal to feel anxious when living in such a situation. Anxiety has a purpose. Its purpose is to prepare you you to do something to improve your situation.

When you have done all that you can about your finances the anxiety is no longer serving a purpose.

The anxiety itself can then be the problem. How many ways of coping with anxiety are there? The most basic ones looking after the body eating as well as possible, resting when it’s sensible even if you can’t sleep. Some people like to listen to music or an audiobook

Going for walks and looking at flowers and trees is helpful

But what if nothing seems to help you? If you were living in Germany in 1945 and you I knew that was a Soviet army advancing there was no point rrying to learb progressive muscular relaxation.

There may be a few choices like leaving the towns and going into the woods or forest to hide but if you had no food you would starve. There is not a lot that anyone could do do in circumstances like that.

Then when the war ended the world discovered the concentration camps where 6 million Jewish people had beeb killed.

That situation was so terrible we can’t compare it with the problem is we are havinf my paying for electricity or gas

Up to recently the government has not seemed to care about people living in poverty. Even in a rich country like Britain there are always people living in poverty. The minimum wage is too low benefits are too low.

For the better off there are still worries but probably not so bad. A rich person will feel very angry if they can’t go abroad for holiday. They may even feel depressed.

But one thing we have all noticed in the last few painful years is that one section of society such as the wealthy have no idea what it’s like to live on a very very low income where you can’t afford to buy a children’s school uniform in September nor give them enough food that they need.

I think it’s easier for the poor to imagine what it’s like to be rich. You don’t have to worry about food or energy bills. You can go on holiday as often as you want to very nice hotels

Even rich people I have concerns one of them might be what is the meaning of life

Will your life be more fulfilling if you have an extension built so that you can have a large kitchen with all all the equipment you would like?

No you will have more worries.unless you are really rich because heating your large extension will be expensive and it’s going to be double what you thought in the winter

When I was a child only one room in the house had a fire. We couldn’t go to our shared ir own bedroom and watch our own television because it was too cold and we didn’t actually have a television but those who did could argue about which programme to watch because it was only one television in the living room at the most

That saves you a lot of money but it can be difficult and leave you with no space to be private

Life is more expensive now because even small children have their own phones and tablets or teenagers expect to be well-dressed and feel really bad and they’re not even if it just means buying a top for £5 in the market

In a consumer society people must keep buying things to keep the economy growing

How many temptations to spend money do you come across in a day? Probably hundreds and it’s hard to resist especially when when there are some things that you would really really love to have like a new winter coat even though your old one is still ok but you are just tired of it

There are people who don’t have winter coats and they are unlikely to have a car.

Tlikely to be more crime now. Burglary shoplifting theft.

It is not a sin to steal food if your children are hungry and you have no money but even though if it’s not a sin in the eyes of God it is still a crime according to the law and you might end up in prison.

All we can do is try to protect ourselves from theft and robbery and any other petty crimes. We can’t always plan ahead because we don’t know quite what is going to happen but we’re going to do our best

Having good friends or acquaintances helps in most situations. And they may tell you you when they sink you are are going wrong in some way.

I suggest that it might be a good idea to limit or complaining especially if we are not in the bottom 25% of society.

So you can’t eat out or go on holiday?

Is your life so bad that you can’t be happy without a lot of extra

Complaining can become a religion

Don’t try to be more religious than everybody else m

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