Justice for all

To make A levels a true measure of achievement not linked to the relative wealth of the family all children in the United Kingdom and their parents at birth and brought up in large each class will contain equal numbers of children from the rich and the poor and some from the middle and in this way all the children will be equal especially in terms of their diet

It will be easy to see when they reach 18 which ones are are able to do the most brilliant work such as working out percentages, compound interest, reading Enid blyton, passing grade 1 on the piano and be able to fry bacon

This seems to indicate that the people who are sorted this clown are actually stupid.

Working out percentages anybody could do that and ask for compound interest with the economy in the condition it’s in even simple interest will be very soon.

Thank you Liz truss for contributing to a programme on “am I a genius?”

All punctuation chosen by batman

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