Prime Liar

Some thinner branches tremble with desire
Reaching out beyond the shrub’s wide shape
The sun has drawn them up with its great fire

Yet, without learning, there is no Messiah.
No support exists, they sulk and drape
The thinner branches trembling with desire

To greatness and to height they had aspired
Now will they turn out sullen as they mope?
The sun has drawn them up with its great fire

Like the politicians who conspire
The European failure stole our hopes
Though little Hitlers tremble with desire

Unelected Minister, Prime liar.
Will he ever cross the final tape?
The sun has drawn Men up with its great fire.

As the West evolved through crime and rape
We were thought Enlightened in our scope
We loved the Inquisition, loved the fires
The gods have punished us and never tire.

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