Talk to me

I am in the habit of speaking everyday

I don’t mind who I talk to but I must have my say

I can talk about mathematics

Or talk about Chinese

I just have to talk to you and I must get my way

Maybe you’re feeling tired maybe you’re feeling blue

But you are in my power and and you don’t have a clue.

I’ll tell you all my problems I’ll tell you all my pain

I feel I need to talk to you you again again again

Who is it I want to learn the emotions I can’t bear

I want to know that someone else will really truly care.

If you still reject me I feel the pain inside .

In my mind I see the names of everyone who’s died

I want to cry and grieve their loss it’s hard to do alone

I wish that you could be my friend I have no one I can phone

I welcome comments and criticism

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