I’m using ideas about religion to make the music

You are never alone with the devil

When you’re too old to sin God will still have his eye on you.

And you probably do have a guardian angel but it’s a human being.

The Mass is just a bigger and more interesting way I’m having a neighbours around for a meal. It’s a form of play,

Lonely People can always go to confession on Saturday night. The priest won’t ask you for a certificate of baptism. Norbwill they ask if you believe in God. What’s more important is that God believes in you

There are worse ways of passing the time than singing around the piano.

There is no devil ;5who needs Satan when they have relatives

Heaven is not a reward it’s an achievement.

You might as well trust in godcqbecause you can’t trust in man anymore.

Why can’t the Catholic church give people interest-free loans to buy food? A wafer bewon’t get you very far. Could there goes qq you toast and marmalade?@

I was a born Catholic but can I why the reborn?

Death is not so frightening when the worst thing that could happen is extinction

Yes there is a meaning to life. You have to find the path yourself but you need your friends to help.

No one can be totally independent.

Why not starts to have evening prayers with your cat? there may not believe in God but they understand your state of mind when you are meditating

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