He has sold his brain to the company but I’m not sure about his mind

I must be out of my mind

I’ve lost my mind.

I’m in two minds about your invitation.

Have you made up your mind?

I was in the wrong frame of mind yesterday to write an article about statistics. I don’t know whether I will ever get into that frame of mind again.

Does your wife mind that you have three girlfriends

No but they all mind about it themselves.

You can sell your soul but can you sell your mind?

I don’t mind if he goes to the pictures tonight or not.

She’s got a very rapid mind ;it’s it’s the fastest one in the university but sometimes it runs away with her.

Well my husband was very broad-minded which is more than I can say for that narrow minded woman my mother.

His mind was like a rapier and he killed anybody he wanted to

You have to exercise your mind sometimes. You could try learning algebra or taking at watercolour painting.

She has got a very deep mind but is it worthwhile to develop it?

His mind is as shallow as a goldfish bowl alright but they get on fine.

He has got the best mind in Oxford.

Can you find out where he got it from?.

Keep your mind still and do not let it wander.

Do I have the right to imprison my mind?

The mind has mountains sheer cliffs of fall.

She made up her face while waiting for him to make up his mind.

If you are not in your right mind where can you find your wrong minds? Maybe the wrong one is the right one for this occasion

Don’t let it get on your mind let it float away on the current.

I will go for a walk to clear my mind.

My mind was stuffed with trigonometric formulas

You’re too greedy by half. I don’t care for your behaviour

I don’t really mind either way

I will keep you in mind while you are sitting examinations.

Are you going to pray for me?

You will do well in my mind forever.

She wants a designer mind.

Who is going to replace God?

Will Vidal Sassoon change the size of woman’s hair forever.

Did God mind?

Can a mind be wounded?

The king was very weak minded

I thought you were going to say very meek. winded

Shouldn’t It be wound?

I don’t see why I should always use the language everybody else uses.

Would you mind it or would it bother you if they used words they invented?

I don’t know my own mind on that matter.

Well it doesn’t matter to me if you don’t mind. I won’t know whether I mind or not till my heart feels something

I wonder how minds can feel when thry5 have no hands

Well if your heart is touched by someone’s kindness you will start to understand but I hope you don’t mind me telling you this

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