Minor hints for starting to write

I began writing ten years ago.Before that I had read many books on the topic which were of little use to me.I think it’s better to start writing.When you have written a few poems or stories, you are more likely to benefit from reading the advice of othere.I spent far too long reading
You need to read a lot in all genres but especially poetry.Some people still think they should try to write like Coleridge or Wordsworth and also they should use poetic language
On the other hand, do people want to read the following

Ah,he said and swooned onto her breast
She’d had cancer and had just one left
When he found her empty in one cup
He was rude; she killed him with a jug

That is in poor taste and I guess my mind is thinking of someone I saw yesterday
I would not wish to write in that style on such a topic.I must be trying to make light
of the news I heard.
That makes me realise we need to think about what is happening to us and to decide if we really
intend to write sick humour.

Moving on, keep notebook and write down anything that happens that has an emotional impact on you.I believe these events, visions,converations mean something to you and if you can find a
form for them then other people will also be affected

Poetry relies on metaphors.If you read the Greek Myths,The Bible,any stories from the ancient worl
you will realise that many of our common sayings are there.Also in Shakespeare.
To be or not to be, that is the question

The Ancient Mariner is a poem which has a lot of images once in common knowlesdge
I’m in the doldrums.Have a look and see where/what the Doldrums are and what it means….. in a place you are stuck despite all your efforts until a change of the wind/your mood happens.

Apart from these metaphors and stories in history and literature,you will come across events in your own life which will be somewhat similar.You can then make new symbols or they emerge in your writing as you go along

The notebook is the most useful thing.What has emotional meaning for you will most likely be what
others will find interesting or moving

Random apples
Fall silently
On unknown Newtons

One may fall on you, so keep your eyes open

What is your apple?
What does it teach you?
Are you a potential writer?

I welcome comments and criticism

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