The Clumsy Diet

Make yourself some cauliflower cheese.When you get it out of the oven, drop half on the floor

Make some toast with your last slice of bread and drop into the bowl of hot water in the sink

Get some icecream out, then make a very long phone call as it melts beside you

Think of Four Seasons and Giulini while carrying a bowl of soup to the table….. need I say more?

Grill some sausages whilst wearing backless furry mules with a tendency to slip when you slide out the grill pan and slip on the tiles

Drop your last egg before it even gets to the pan.

6 thoughts on “The Clumsy Diet

  1. Thanks,Mike.I did make a mistake in not stating how much cauliflower cheese was in the dish in the first place.I know someone who lost weight in this diet?

    Breakfast 1 Weetabix
    Lunch 2 Cream crackers plus 1 oz cheese


  2. Dinner was a Weight watchers froxen meal.She went very thin but it all came back in 2 years
    I suppose giving up their job and sleeping rough might make someone losr weight ot having a nervous breakdown can succeed….No!


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