Become good enough


If we can’t do good, we may be able at least to avoid harming others
But some people like President Trump either don’t know or don’t care
And it seems to to be hard to know when we may be harming others
Probably requires a lot of humility
That is not something admired in our culture
But when you are dying it may affect you unless you are totally sedated
My husband used to say, as you live so will you die
He died very peacefully with me singing by his side
I’m a singer inside and I get messages that way.I don’t always hear them
I heard the bird tapping on the window in March
I saw Death like a black shape dancing in May
Then I knew.
I did my best and if I harmed him I am sure he forgave me
We are not always able to be aware of what we are doing
However we don’t always want to know
Just knowing what is good is not enough
We have to let it come to us and be part of us
And generally
Be courteous
Be dignified
But have fun
Enjoy the life we carry within

Then let it go