Fuzzy logic makes me tick


Doctor, I saw my husband againlast nightI
’I ‘m afraid the NHS can’t help you.
But he’s an hallucination.Can’t I have an electric block?
Do stop showing off.I already know you taught Philosophy at Cambridge
That’s why I am like this.
Like what?
You seem charming to me/
I can’t have that on the NHS.
You are correct there. You’ll have to become private
But I have paid tax all my adult life.
That was not intended for creating a love life for old people
Well, that is better than using it to buy material for bombs
You make it seem like the Government are terrorists
Well, white is white and black is black.Fuzzy logic, bring it back.Yes in a very real sense they are Terrorists.
I see you need some very major tranquillisers
I have stemetil for vertigo
Take the whole box.
Doctor,I usually take the pills.Maybe YOU need help
Stop playing with words
I will play with anything I choose if it is free.
Are you praying on the NHS
No, I only do it at home
Can we not haggle?
No I can’t afford it.I’ll go to church, that is free
Hurry or they will sell them to Trump.
I don’t think G-d would like that
What’s G-d got to do with it?
All and nothing ,I fear
Whatever can be said,can be said simply.
But most things can’t be said
And so say all of us
That is my cat!
What wit
What a twit
The end